Who is Christopher Newman Smart?

My name is Christopher Newman-Smart and I’m a Footwear Designer/ Life Enthusiast.


It was a series of events that inspired my footwear pathway. It all started in high School. I was intrigued by footwear; I started to look at materials, constructions & overall aesthetics. I found myself asking an abundance of questions.

I received a book by Manolo Blahnik, I was blown away by the creativity, it seemed that he was committed to each drawing like a painter is committed to every stroke. Tinker Hatfield opened my mind as to what’s possible. I loved the way Tinker Takes inspiration from everything; he truly pushes the boundaries of creativity.

I’m a graduate of ‘London College of Fashion’ Cordwainers footwear and design. My degree allowed me to learn every aspect of the footwear industry. I learned design and development, CAD, pattern cutting, clicking and closing, costing etc.

The good thing about LCF is that we did live projects with companies, so I always felt that I was gaining experience about the footwear industry as a whole.

I have multiple years of design and developing experience in footwear across men’s women's and children for various global footwear brands.

I have excelled at understanding trends and applying my design flair to create commercially viable products across various categories.

Through my chosen studies and various experiences, I feel I have gained knowledge about the footwear business not just from a design standpoint but also from a product management and consumer side.

I am ready for new challenges and experiences. I’m your guy; I feel my enthusiasm and creativity can add value to your team and overall vision.


Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.



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