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Career History

Co-Founder (footwear design lead) / PT

Me and Dr. Nick Inoue have been working on GroundWaves. Harnessing sound & vibration to create a fusion between fashion, footwear & technology.

June 2018 - Present

Freelance footwear designer

I design and develop footwear for Global brands as well as start ups across mens/womens /teens/Junior & preschool boys and girls.

March 2015 - present

Global Brands Group (footwear designer)  FT

October  2017 - December 2019

Design direction, creating seasonal trends, colour palettes and silhouettes for the footwear and accessories areas. Responding to fashion trends and inspiration, interpreting them into commercial products suitable for the high street customer dependant on customer brief. Bring new and innovative ideas to enhance the GBG Footwear business.

Kruel London (freelance footwear designer) PT

My Role within a small team was to design and develop  a new innovative luxury women's footwear line produced and made in Italy.

February  2013 - December 2016

The Footsoldiers Design Consultancy (footwear designer)  FT

My Role within a team of 9 designers was to design and develop footwear ranges for Global Companies within various catergories that include Sports Lifestyle, Highstreet, Performance, Fashion, Back to school, Casual and High End. I designed across mens, womens and kids.

January  2013 - January 2015

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